Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Windy Deepdale

We had planned a walk up the Dodds via Deepdale today but the weather was pants this morning. Consequently we didn't set off till about 2pm and it was blowing a hooley. We decided to head up Deepdale anyway and just have a potter about

We left the car at High Row and headed down the lane to Dowthwaite Head

Through the yard and into Deepdale

Simply stunning

Looking back

It was unbelievably windy and pretty hard work

Bog Dog

We decided to gain a bit of ground and then gradually head back towards High Row. As we climbed we thought we could see a house in the middle of nowhere. It was too far away to make it out and so windy our eyes were running. I took a few pics on zoom, not holding out much hope of being able to keep the camera still. You can see the building in the centre here, complete with a chimney

I am amazed that this came out, but all was revealed when we got home!

Heading towards High Brow

Beautiful Skies

Intriguing stone markings on High Brow

Heading over Horsemire Head
We only walked about 4.5 miles, but the combination of wet ground in places and strong winds at all times made it feel more. But what a lovely valley. We saw no-one except Old Man Weir at the farm not even a single walker in the distance. Happy days!

Friday, 23 September 2016

Going Solo in Bannerdale

I wouldn't normally take the camera on a solo dog walk, but this morning was so beautiful I couldn't help myself. Husband is off golfing and Breeze and I decide to pop over to Bannerdale. I had it in mind I would like to see if anything has been done to replace Mousethwaite bridge which got washed away in last December's floods

In many places the path got completely washed away last December, here it just manages to hang on

Erosion doesn't bother Breeze

Grey Wagtail
I had covered about 5 miles by the time I got back to the car (Breeze will have done approx 50), the answer to my question was that the bridge has yet to be replaced!
I saw very few people but I did have one of 'those' moments...... I met a couple who were clearly looking for a path. When I asked if they were lost, I was told that 'Wainwright says there is a route up the Eastern Ridge but the bracken is hiding it'. I pointed out the path they were looking for and how to get to it from where we were and bid them good day. I heard him mutter as I walked away and when I glanced back a little while later, saw them traversing up a pathless rocky face, nowhere near where they needed to be, getting nowhere fast. obviously a woman with no backpack, jeans and a t shirt walking their dog is not to be believed when you're on a Wainwright mission! Perhaps next time he might take a bit more notice of the locals! DH I thought of you at this point!!

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Bowscale Tarn with Ed and Gerda

Another walk with Ed and Gerda today, but nothing too strenuous! 

We parked at Bowsale and set off up the lonning

Looking across Mosedale you can just make out the mine workings part way up at the far end

Husband, Gerda and Ed and of course Donna Summer!

Donna cools her paws as we arrive at Bowscale Tarn. We've got the place to ourselves and it's a lovely day

A lunchtime selfie

Watching you watching me!

Donna Summer and Breeze

Heading back down to Bowscale.
Ed and Gerda have been really lucky with the weather this year. This will be our last chance to walk with them on this visit, but a really enjoyable 4 miles was a nice way to round off their visit.

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Coomb Height and Lingy Hut with Ed and Gerda

Ed and Gerda are here again for their annual holiday. they love to have a walk with us, but obviously coming from Holland, they find the hills a challenge. We like to take them up something, but nothing too demanding and not too far away as they have three other dogs who are too old/infirm to come on the fells, so we are limited to a few hours.
This is really familiar territory to us, but new to them. We start at Grainsgill Bridge and head along the Cumbria way..........

There is a lot of talking to catch up on!

It's really humid and the midges are awful as we climb up Cocklakes on our way up Coomb Height. I think Breeze just did a fly through her Dad's legs!

Another pause for a drink and to catch our breath. It really is humid.


Donna and Breeze have a great time playing

From the top of Coomb heights - where the midges disappear and the humidity drops - we head across to Lingy Hut. This will be our lunch spot.

Don't give Gerda your camera, she takes photo's without you realising!

Molly joins a family portrait

And then she joins Ed for another

Gerda still has the camera!

Donna Summer. Such a lovely girl. Bred here and taken to Holland as a pup by Ed and Gerda. They trial her here and there, and she speaks two languages (I'm not joking, she understands commands in English and Dutch)

Heading down

Breeze knows this territory so well

Gerda with Donna, Jay with Molls and the boys bringing up the rear. Breeze will be running around like a wild thing as usual

We have a look at the mine workings on our way down

And finally head back to the cars.
5 miles in very tiring conditions. The humidity eased once we got the the top, as did the midges. I stopped counting when I got to thirty bites, and that was just my legs! But none the less a really enjoyable walk. Great to be able to show Ed and Gerda a bit more of our lovely county.