Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Walking With Injuns - Part Two

We enjoyed our inaugural Walk with Indians back in October and after a chance meeting with Joan over a glass of Prosecco on Monday (Morning!), we decided to have another go today. The forecast was not good and it's Christmas week so time is fast running out - so under the circumstances we opted to meet at Brumston Bridge for a short walk ove Sale Fell

Not a day for many photos and certainly not a day for views. We are heading up into the cloud and we are still at a lower altitude than our house! That's Kelswick farm on our right

Proof that it wasn't just Breeze and I! Joan smiles as Husband has his usual cheery photo pose on!

We are on our way down now, but there didn't seem much point in showing a load of photos of a spaniel running around in fog!

Wythop Church beyond the seat (without a spaniel on it for a change)

A rare smile for the camera (smiles aren't that rare - just when there is a camera about!)

Wythop Sunday School.
A short walk back to the car from here to complete about 3.745 miles and then we headed over to Joan's for a cuppa and some lovely Teabread before heading out to Cockermouth to The Spice Club for a lovely meal. Looking forward to the next time Joan!

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Walking with Carol

The boys have gone up to Newcastle this afternoon for one of their regular Falcons pilgrimages. John has gone too, so Carol has come up for the afternoon so that we can have a walk and then the six of us will all have supper together when the boys get back. Another lovely day, but as it's only an afternoon stroll we pick a nice easy path to walk and chat.

Parking at the Sanatorium we head along the Balcony path.

 Lonscale Crags are on our left - that's where we were last Thursday in the snow

Breeze reaches the corner at the same time as our shadows! You can just spot Molly making her way onto the edge of the picture. She's on the lead so unfortunately misses out on pretty much all of the photos.

We pause at Roughton Gill but Carol is a reluctant model, apparently she's not photogenic

I beg to differ - I think it's a lovely picture of you Carol!

Just past the Gill we sit and have a warm drink, soaking in the sunshine

Before turning back into the afternoon sun

And heading back the way we came. Derwentwater reflects the bright sunlight

Tired Mucky Spaniel, She's had lots of rushes to hunt through this afternoon - her favourite hunting ground. A very rare picture of her walking - she's getting low on energy. If we hadn't been nearly back to the car it would have been time to reach for the emergency Pemmican

Long shadows

And at last proof that Molly is with us
We walked about 3.5 miles. Saw lots of cyclists - there was an orienteering competition going on that had started and finished at St John's, involving running and cycling - and we'd talked the hind legs of a Donkey - and nearly a Spaniel too by the look of her!

Friday, 2 December 2016


We know we have a stoat living on our patch. I saw one in the front garden last week - very pale, turning Ermine. We had a lovely visit from it's cousin this afternoon - and this time the camera was handy. Not the best picture in the word, but a lovely little video to follow!