Saturday, 30 March 2013

A lot of Brown

It is fair to say that everything around here is very brown. Nothing has started to grow and the fields are as brown now as they were in January. Everything in the garden is brown, including the moss on the walls, so photographing the odd visitor (most of our visitors are odd :-) ) is proving very difficult as they all blend in. So with a bit of false colour added to try and brighten up some very dull shots, and then some nice red circles so you know which brown bit to look at, here are a few of our latest visitors.

This Tree creeper is an infrequent visitor on the tree, but must be nesting close by as there seemed to be quite a bit of moss collecting going on.

 We seem to get a few Mistle Thrush nesting nearby each year, and here they are doing their annual forage in the field behind. It's hardly suprising to note they are quite a bit later this year
And not technically our visitors as we were walking on the estate this morning, but such a rare sighting in daylight (and a crap picture), we stood for quite a while watching two badgers busy foraging on the slopes about 100 yards from us. For a long while they were oblivious to our presence. Shame I only had the phone to try and capture the moment.

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Blowing In The Wind

There's only one thing to do with snow drifts, that's play in them

The Abominable Snow Dog
Later in the day, we went back out and did a bit of training for Search and Rescue

Friday, 22 March 2013

Vernal Equinox?

Ok, so I'm a couple of days late, but three mornings this week we woke up to this (Sun, Mon and Tues)

Today for a change we woke up to this.

It has been blowing and snowing all day, most of the roads in the area have been closed at some point and Breeze has been having a hooley chasing snowflakes. The Joys of Spring!