Tuesday 26 February 2019

Souther Fell

We are having a glorious spell of weather, but as usual we have been busy doing a variety of things, but today we had chance to get a walk done. Lots of jobs are still needing doing at home - still playing catch-up - but we have been saying we must have a walk up Bannerdale to see if the rerouted path/bridge etc have been finished. This is work following the Dec 2015 Storm Desmond devastation.

No doubt there will by many complaints from “purists” but in time this path will look less intrusive and I really don’t know what better alternative there could be. It is made using stone from the river bed.

After a short distance the path changes into these huge slate slabs. Obviously it has been created good and wide, to try and dissuade people from walking to one side which often seems to happen!

The new bridge is finally in place over bannerdale beck

further along, looking back. The glenderamackin winds its way through the valley. 

This new bridge has been in a little while now, we use it to cross the Glenderamackin to head up towards Mousethwaite comb and then onto Souther

It's warm, the forecast was suggesting 16 degrees and the combination of warm sunshine and February ground temperatures has created quite a haze in some of the valleys.

A panaranic shot from near the top of  Souther. The distinctive saddle of Blencathra on the skyline

It was so warm we could have sat for ages on the top of Souther, but life is busy, so a quick bite to eat on down we headed back home. 
Just over 5 miles again today but much less pain at the end than our High Pike trip.Definitely on the mend at last.

Thursday 21 February 2019

A Bit of A Break

Anyone who looks at this blog may notice there has been a bit of a lull in activities of late. It's not entirely down to idleness.
On October 28th I was riding out up the gallops as usual, on what is probably the quietest of the horses that I ever ride. We can all have our off days and (in hindsight we now know) this day was an off day for this little horse - who later turned out to have a back problem.
To cut to the chase, I was flung in the air, did an undoubtedly ungraceful somersault and landed on my sacroilliac. Just below the large part of my back which was nicely protected by a back pad. OUCH.
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So after a long saga NHS failings (quite the opposite from our experiences with the NHS thus far), it transpired that I had a total of 6 fractures. 3 involving Lumbar spine L1, L2 and L3 (both L2 and L3 have 2 fractures apiece) and 1 involving Sacral Ala. 

So, whilst I have been progressing steadily throughout the last 15 or so weeks, one of the most painful positions has been sitting. Hence no computer work!

I am now in 'Rehab', getting the very best of care from Sophie at Jack Berry House and doing an enormous number of pilates and hydrotherapy exercises . We have managed the odd 'Fell ' Walk during this time and last week made it up High Pike - my best effort yet (not carrying a pack!!). So with luck and lots of physio, we'll be back to full steam ahead soon.

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19th Dec 0.6 mile

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Christmas Day on High Rigg 1.15 miles.

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14th Jan Askham Fell 1.5 miles

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24th Jan Dunmallard - 1.7 miles

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14th Feb High Pike - 5 miles

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18th Feb - Yearsley Moor (on the way to Rehab) 3.5 miles

Monday 15 October 2018

Harris Holiday

We are back from an amazing week on the Isle of Harris. An Island of contrasts - the most beautiful beaches alongside baron rocky terrain which probably looks something like the moon!
Luskentyre Sand Dunes


A Walk From Hushinish

Sea Eagles

This cottage can only be reached by sea and then foot - the water immediately in front of it is a lochan not the sea. It is however regularly used by its owners!

Next Beach - Scarista

And a tour around bits of Harris


Bunavoneader is the hamlet ahead - that was our home for the week

The Old Whaling Station from our cottage

Andrew's Smiley Face - the gateway to our friends house across the bay from our cottage

Buna from our cottage

Not very good - but seals playing in the bay below the cottage

Seilebost and Mcleod's Stone

What an amazing place. we scarcely had time to explore Harris let alone Lewis. Another trip may be needed!

Thursday 27 September 2018

Headcase Henry Does it again

Kelly has a knee Op tomorrow, but she desperately wants a morning out in The Country before she is out of the saddle for months. Brian is coaching (Jockey's at a race meeting).
Lucky me! I get Henry for the morning. I didn't ever expect to be dressing up like this again!

Henry (Smiling)and Harry. With me and Kelly - both grinning from ear to ear!

Monday 10 September 2018

Mum’s Early Birthday

Mum turned 80 last year. I had planned a really nice present for her, but as her Birthday is in December; events overtook us and Jeff was and had been so poorly that it never came to fruition.
She is staying with us for a while, and although it is a while til her next birthday, we thought we would treat her to an early present this year. Lunch somewhere she won't have been before - although she will have been past so many times over the decades 
Sharrow Bay

We booked a window table

As it happened, it is our wedding anniversary today - so it's a double celebration 

Birthday Girl!

Tuesday 28 August 2018

Bucket List Time.

I don’t have a bucket list, but if I did........
I’ve always wanted to ride on the beach. I grew up in the midlands, it wasn’t going to happen!
Nowadays, as well as riding out for James, I do a bit for Brian and Kelly as well. They have a breaking and pre trading yard (Brian is a recently retired Jockey). 
Kelly knew of my childish longing, and had a young horse she is producing that would benefit from the experience, so off we went, me on Headcase Henry (Kelly’s awesome hunter) and Kelly on Harry. Brian and Jeff were on camera duty and Kelly’s girls came along for the fish and chips!

Thanks Kelly, I had a ball!