Thursday, 19 July 2018

High Rigg after a change of plan

So the idea today was to walk on The Dodds. They are always wet through, but after 3 months of drought (hosepipe ban has been announced in the last few days) it's a perfect time to go up there. An appointment in Caldbeck first thing led to an unscheduled one in Keswick immediately after

So while Jeff is at his appontment in Keswick, Breeze and I wander around Fitz Park.
 We were all ready for a walk. Pasties packed, drink, boots, camera and all the other gear, but now we had lost the first couple of hours and the day was getting warmer. Not the time to be starting out onto a fairly big range of fells. Particularly not with a dog. A last minute change of route took us to St John in the Vale to walk up and over High Rigg instead. It is a walk that Jay and I did not very long ago, but Jeff wasn't with us then and it is such a lovely walk it wouldn't matter if we did it every week.
Fitz park is lovely, but this is much more Breeze's terrain

Away we go

Pretty much on top of High Rigg, though not the summit

Its a lumpy bumpy fell that stretches quite a way ahead. That's Thirlmere at the far end

One of the reasons we ended up doing this walk is the accessibility of water

Bog Bean Tarn with Blencathra in the far background

Resting at lunchtime

Our lunchtime view

Mummy's Little Princess

Looking back at High Rigg

Cooling down in St John's Beck

Following the bridleway through the valley

Clough Head

Nearly back at the car
About 5 miles, very hot at times but a lovely breeze on the top (two lovely Breezes!). Not what we had expected to do today, but in hindsight, a much more interesting walk and it ended up being hotter than forecast, so we were glad to have done a smaller walk.

Thursday, 12 July 2018

Silloth in the Sunshine

Too hot for the fells and there is Blue Green Algae around, so it's a seaside day. Usual place, usual photo's except this time I went in the water too..... up to my knees!

Saturday, 30 June 2018

Wildlife in June

We are very fortunate to live where we do, but we also do our utmost to live in harmony with the wildlife around us and create a space where they can flourish. They pay us back in bucketloads.

Tawny Owl

Tawny Owl

Checking out the Hedgehog feeder

Great Crested Newt

The underside (this is alive)

We have at least 3 regularly visiting Hedgehogs

Not a very good shot - I didn't have much warning - a weasel on the steps

Friday, 29 June 2018

Sunset on Bowscale

We are in the middle of a heatwave, with temperatures reaching over 30'c regularly. Far too hot to be on the fells in that heat, and far too hot to take a mad spaniel anywhere much. We think an evening walk seems like a plan and then we think about sunset
Spur of the minute when to go and where to go. We decide on Bowscale via Bullfell Beck and leave the car somewhere around 8:20pm

Lovely soft evening light

She's pleased to be out, it's been way too hot for dogs just lately

Someone's got a good evening for a ride. That's Great Dunn Fell with the golf ball, over on the Pennines

Nearing the top

Carrock Fell

We got to the top around 10-15 minutes before the sun was due to set. Needless to say we hadn't seen a soul

It was magical being up there and seeing the sun fall below the horizon, but made even more special when we started on our route back to the car

We hadn't planned this bit, but a full moon was rising ahead of us as we walked back down

The light is beginning to fade

It's nearly 11pm now. No need for the head torches we are carrying, it's a beautiful clear moonlit night.
That is one experience neither of us will forget. By pure luck we had picked a perfect evening.