Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Long, Long Sleddale

It's going to be a bit on the warm side today, so we have picked a (hopefully) quiet route which will allow plenty of opportunity for Breeze to tank up and cool down, but also one that we can cut shorter if we think it is necessary.
We drove all the way to the end of Long Sleddale and parked at Sadgill Bridge and headed up the Lonnin that eventually becomes Gatesgarth. to protect her paws on the hot stone and to prevent her galloping everywhere at 100mph on a  hot day, Breeze will spend most of today on a long lead. Not our, or her preferred way of walking, but definitely the right decision

Walking up alongside the infant River Sprint

It's a lovely steady gradient

Looking back down Long Sleddale

Breeze would love to be running free, but I have no doubt she would injure her paws today if she were

She does have a blast every now and then, when we reach a nice boggy grassy bit

Time to go back on the lead!


Spaniel (Springer)

We have climbed up to Wrengill Quarries, the first  target of our walk today. Jay hasn't been before so it's nice to be able to show her what an amazing place it is.

Husband adds scale

Plan B had been to turn around at the quarries if it was too hot, but it's not been too bad and with Breeze mainly on the lead, I am not worried about her overheating and her paws are doing fine. Plan A was to head uphill from the quarries, so that is what we did

Windermere in the South West as we head up towards Kentmere Pike

A lovely ledge to sit on for lunch just after reaching the summit

"Do you think they'll leave any crumbs?"

"I love Aunty Jay"

After lunch we make our way towards Shipman Knotts. Breeze gets a few minutes to charge around again while the terrain is good

Back on the lead again, but it doesn't stop her enjoying herself

This sort of ground wouldn't do her feet any good at all on a hot day like this, but the lead steadies her enough to protect them

Sadgill Bridge comes into view - our car is down there

Back at the car and looking back to the bridge. A fabulous walk, a bit over 6.5 miles but enough for a warm day. We saw very few people which is always a bonus for us!

Friday, 14 July 2017

Selside and Hareshaw from Swindale

It's been a while since we were down Swindale, so that's inspiration enough for today

As we leave the car and head down towards Swindale head, the new Fish ladder and sluice gates come into view. The last time we were here it was all heavy plant and ground works. It's a bit different today!

Other than metalwork there is no sign of what has been happening

We are being watched

As we leave Swindale head, we follow on old walled lane

We are heading for Forces falls first

The elevated path meanders through the drumlins. There is evidence of what was probably a tarn at Dodd Bottom, at the bottom of Hobgrumble Gill. We will walk across the top of there shortly

Time for a dip as we make our way up Force Falls


Mares Tail at the top. Now we head off to the right

To walk across the top of Hobgrumble Gill towards Selside

Lunch with a view

and a cuddle

Before we make the grassy journey across Hare Shaw, Powley's Hill and Harper Hills

Before cutting down through the bracken back to the car - which had been joined by another couple.
Since we left the car nearly 9 miles ago, we have seen only one person and he was mending the roof in the last property at Swindale Head. So by our measures that's a pretty perfect day on the fells!

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Coombe Heights

So we had a proper walk planned and the forecast was looking good. But it was wrong. We got up to a very rainy Cumbrian morning. Absolutely no point on going onto the fells, there would be nothing to see but cloud. So instead, I settled down to tax returns and Husband started to work his way through his list of indoor jobs.
Jay had intended to come with us today, so in the end, we decided to do a regular local dog walk once the rain had passed. So here we go!

One of our most regular spots, often walked, much less often photographed! We were heading up to the mine workings (this is looking back) 

If you look on the horizon immediately above Breeze's head you will see a dot. That's Lingy Hut and that is where we are heading

'We' consists of Breeze and I, Molly and Jay. Husband has some concrete to break up at home, so he has stayed behind to do that

It's quite warm and airless as we climb (we are not very fell fit at the moment, so maybe it's just us!). Breeze takes the opportunity to cool down

Looking back down Mosedale as we reach Lingy Hut - Breeze can just be seen heading back towards us. She's just done another ten mile or so while we've been catching our breath!

Taking five in Lingy Hut

The Hut with Mosedale beyond. Maggie tells me it is being taken over by the Mountain Bothies Association who plan to make improvements in the autumn. We will be interested to see what happens!

Making our way through the peat hags on Coombe Heights

Looking west as we aim towards Cocklakes

The infant River Caldew can be seen in the valley ahead of us - we will be walking down to that and then turning left along the Cumbria Way

Back on the Cumbria Way - I can't believe how clean she looks, she must have just had a swim at this point

Fording the unfordable ford

Nearly back at the car

But still plenty of chance to charge through the bracken
About 4.5 miles on extremely familiar territory, but this is an area neither Breeze nor I ever tire of. This was not what we had planned at all today, but as it turned out, it was a really lovely afternoon to be out on the local fells - and to make it even better we only came across one guy just after we left the car!